About the Campaign

How much is that doggy in the window?

A familiar phrase from the popular novelty song written by Bob Merrill in 1952. Perhaps Bob was trying to get us all to look beyond the cuteness we have all seen, at some point, in a pet shop and ponder -Where did the pup come from? Where are its parents? How was it bred? What has it been through to get to that window?

The Stop the Cruelty in Puppy Mills campaign was created to bring about awareness about the unethical and unacceptable practices of puppy mills in Singapore.  This was sparked off by a case of 85 dogs rescued from a commercial puppy mill in Pasir Ris in April 2010. The dogs, kept solely for commercial breeding, were found with skin problems, tick fever with most, in severe need of medication. Reduced to mere mating machines, these dogs were deprived of most basics – a proper living environment, care and respect. Kind souls volunteered their time to treat and rehabilitate these dogs. While most of the dogs were treated and are still recovering, sadly a handful did not survive.

The case surfaced the ugly and hidden operations behind local puppy mills – hinting at lapses in the industry. The gravity of the issue banded seven animal welfare groups toward the common cause of lobbying against the appalling conditions in which the animals are kept at puppy mills.

In July 2010, registered animal welfare groups – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES), Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), Cat Welfare Society (CWS) and House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) met up with AVA officials to present a joint proposal for improving the standards and conditions for dog breeding facilities in Singapore. A press release was later issued by the groups (and supported by Noah’s Ark Cares and Animal Lovers League). Click here for more info.

This campaign is an extension and continuation of efforts by the seven welfare groups to raise awareness of the plight of the many animals suffering in puppy mills. We hope that the information within this site will provide insight into the operations of a commercial breeding mill and the hidden costs behind that doggy in the window.

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