SPCA appeals for Witnesses

Latest Update – 12 Dec 2011

The eight to 10 year old Shih Tzus; two females (one tan medium coat, the other short coat black and tan) and one male (medium coat tan) (Photo from SPCA)The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said three dogs which were apparently abandoned at Pasir Ris have died. It is appealing for information on the dogs that were found by a member of the public at an open field in the Lorong Halus Road/Pasir Ris Farmway area.
Despite a weekend of intravenous feeding, the two female and one male Shih Tzus died on Monday. SPCA said that the dogs were weak and had heavily-matted fur and long nails when they were brought in on December 2. They were also suffering from cataract or glaucoma.

SPCA said evidence suggests they were breeding dogs that were microchipped but not registered in any of the three main databases in Singapore: the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, SPCA and PET-CALL.

The micro-chip numbers are: 981 098 101 093 394, 702 033 330 000 634 and
458 098 500 068 445.

Those with information can call SPCA at 6287-5355 extension 9 or email to inspector@spca.org.sg



23 May 2011
Animal Welfare Groups meet pet farm operators

The welfare groups involved in this campaign met some of the representatives from the pet farms on 23 May 2011, together with AVA officials, to discuss raising industry standards. This was part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that conditions for the animals in farms improve. It was a productive meeting with both sides candidly sharing their views. The groups stressed the importance of raising the welfare of dogs in farms and offered suggestions on how this could be done. The farm operators present acknowledged the public’s sentiment about this and committed to raising the standards on their farms.  As always, the welfare groups intend to follow up closely on the issue.


Two puppy mill operators have been prosecuted to date. Click below to view articles.
Ex-dog breeder fined $50,000 for animal cruelty (26 May 2011)
Their carer, their terror (26 May 2011)
Dog breeder in jail after conviction for animal cruelty (23 July 2010)
Good breeding practices urged for dog farms (14 May 2010)

It is good news to learn that the gross ill-treatment of dogs has resulted in prosecution of the offenders in these two cases.  The animal welfare groups, will continue to push for deterrent action including harsher penalties for puppy mill operators who subject their dogs to neglect and suffering.


24 February 2011

Animal Welfare Groups go Undercover at Pet Shops and Farms

The puppy mill campaign continued with an undercover survey carried out at 35 pet shops and pet farms in November and December 2010.

A total of 19 out of 35 establishments failed to comply with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority’s  (AVA) standards and these cases have since been referred to the AVA. Of the conditions not being adhered to these included unsuitable flooring, small cages and unsatisfactory hygiene. In relation to assisting with application of dog licences, all 13 pet farms and 33 per cent of shops declined to help.  92 per cent of the farms and shops did not question prospective buyers on their knowledge of puppy care and very few shops were proactive in offering pet care tips.

79 per cent did not provide details about the puppy’s parents when asked, while 84 per cent did not allow viewing of parents. Two responses to a request to see the parents were “For what? You are buying the puppy not the parent”, while another question was met with a counterclaim “If you can find another pet farm which allows you to see the parents, the pup is free”.

This survey has exposed the glaring shortfalls of the pet trade with a blatant disregard for the standards set to ensure the welfare of the animals being sold. On top of enforcement, the public also needs to empower themselves with the knowledge and responsibility to discern the ethical pet shops and to report errant ones

The results from the undercover operation are being presented in a paper to the AVA with key recommendations such as improvements to flooring, abolishment of the use of water bottles, mandatory licensing at the point of sale as well as proper counseling on pet care prior to any purchase of a pet. Click here to read more.