Dog Mill Rehomers

Malnourished, tick-ridden, severe skin problems. These are only some of the conditions seen in the dogs abandoned by a puppy mill breeder in Pasir Ris Farmway in April 2010. The dogs were rescued by a team of animal lovers when they realized the breeder intended to sell his existing stock of 85 breeding dogs in an effort to recoup his losses. Many of these mill dogs are suffering from serious diseases and defects, including pyometra in the female dogs, anemia, blindness, deafness, rotting teeth and gums. Shown below are just three of the many other victims.

Read more about the Dog Mill Rehomers on their website and facebook page.

Before you buy that cute puppy, think about where the puppy came from. It may have been born in a puppy mill. Think of the lifelong imprisonment the puppy’s parents are facing, and the deplorable conditions they live under.

Do you want to support the suffering of your puppy’s parents?
Make the right choice. Save a life and adopt instead.