Help Create Awareness

How can you help contribute to the campaign’s success? Help us by creating awareness of puppy mills and their operations, and support adoption.

Ask questions

When you see pet shops selling puppies, ask them where their animals come from. Observe the puppies, note the conditions, ask to see the registration papers for the puppies and write down the name and address of the breeder and the broker. If the staff is not able to provide you with information, please write in to their management to enquire and express your concern that the animals for sale may be from a puppy mill. If they do not seem to care about the welfare of the animals, do not support them!

Spread the word

  • Speak up for the dogs. Tell others about their plight. Tell your friends and family about puppy mills!
  • Link your blogs, facebook pages, mySpace page, etc to this website. If you know anyone who is thinking of buying puppies, tell them about this website! The more links there are to this website the more likely it will be displayed in a search about puppies.
  • Send an email or letter to your government representatives and officials and tell them that you want to see them do something about these conditions in puppy mills, commercial kennels and pet stores.
  • Speak to your teacher and schedule a presentation at your school or community function. You can approach the SPCA or any of the other animal welfare groups for resources.

Wear it Proud

Be an ambassador for the cause by wearing the limited edition t-shirt or other anti-mill gear. A sign of solidarity, you will help by being the voice for the many animals in puppy mills. Not forgetting, the shirt makes a great conversation topic, and what better way to create awareness by sharing what you know about puppy mills!